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# Fractional CTO / Solutions Architect

I'm a technical product and engineering leader with over 10 years of experience launching innovative products and scaling teams from 0 to 100. I've been a leader at startups and enterprises alike, raised $1M+ from venture capital, and have a passion for building products and partnering with companies such as Sony Music, Canon, AWS, and Apple, and regularly consult with founders regarding product, solutions and architecture, and engineering.

My technical expertise as a full-stack developer and solutions architect balances with my customer obsessed and business centric approach. I orchestrate product and platform progress between all parties and I'm typically brought in to early stage companies to bring order and process to some of the early stage company chaos. With a focus on data-driven approaches to business objectives, I strive to validate, scope, build, and deliver what's impactful to users. In addition, I have years of experience in building engineering teams including mentoring and navigating through the vast fog through product discovery. If you're looking for a seasoned leader then reach out and let's chat.

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Product Management
AWS Optimization
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